Wanders & Wonders

We are all God’s Children

A day before Pope Francis went back to Rome, the largest gathering of people for a Papal Mass happened. And amongst 7 million people, I was one of them.



It was a surreal moment–having our Pope went past where I was standing. It was like the Holy Spirit touched my heart and soul, I couldn’t help but tear up.


All of the struggle with the weather and the crowd became insignificant and a brand new strength was given to us with just seconds of momentary freeze of time.


Pope Francis gave me renewed hope and faith. I believe God had sent us someone who could represent what a leader should be. Thank You Lord for your gracious heart and may You bless our Pope so that he could deliver your Good News all over the world without hindrances.


Hope to see you again, Pope Francis! Salamat sa pagbisita sa Pilipinas!



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