Amazing Year One


(Warning: Cheesy post ahead! :D)

How else could someone start his/her year but to celebrate it full with love?

For the longest time, I was quite convinced I would be spinster in my late life with my nephews and nieces around me. An old maid on her rocking chair, doing her crochet work, with cats beside her in her porch. Yeah, I kinda pictured Ms. Havisham while I’m writing this. LOL.

But God is a gracious God because even if I’ve stopped wishing for love at that time, He sent someone to love me…unconditionally.

And it has been a year since and I couldn’t quite stop wondering how on earth could that be fast! But I was told time flies when you’re enjoying. It was an enjoyable year indeed with some bumps and twists and turns along the way. I couldn’t have it the other way; it was definitely a great one!

Anyways, we’re not supposed to celebrate it grandly because we have an anniversary trip this February so I was surprised and touched on all of the things Mark pulled off to make our special day extra special! I am ashamed my gift is delayed (and as of this writing it still hasn’t been delivered!!!) but he is the kind of man who doesn’t really expect anything in return as long as I am happy.


I was at work and he purposely made me think that he’s at their house sleeping soundly when in reality he was at our house preparing for the surprise with my family! Talk about connivance which I also did when I was planning for his birthday surprise party! Haha!


Days before our anniversary, he told me that I have to dress up on our day because he made a reservation in a hotel. To successfully surprise me, he asked me to go home because he left his wallet with the receipt of the reservation at our house which I halfheartedly believe because how on earth could he survive without a wallet and is there really a receipt for reservation or something? Hahahaha!!! But I went with the flow though I was already getting irritated with the whole situation by then.


By the time I came home, all lights were switched off and the moment I opened the door these candles greeted me and was ushered once to sit on a chair and they made me watch the slideshow Mark prepared for me. I was calling out his name but he’s nowhere to be found. I watched the presentation featuring our photos we took for the entire year with our theme songs on the background which were ‘We Could Be Amazing’ by Andy Grammer and ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran. Imagine my tears then! I was quite overwhelmed by emotions I couldn’t quite point–there’s nostalgia, happiness, gratefulness, love…oh it’s just so many things that until now I could feel whenever I think of how God could give me such a love that I never knew existed.


Once the presentation had stopped, Mark came out from a room holding 3 red roses and greeted me. I couldn’t contain my happiness and love for this man!



Look at my red-rimmed eyes! Haha! I’m quite the emotional and cry baby between the two of us. LOL!

One by one, my family and friends came out which made me cry a lot more! 10934469_10205000078114793_1330265491_n 10937693_10205000077714783_869734498_n 1618413_10152987706459784_1872944961080794821_n


It was a night full of love. I’m blessed to have family and friends who support and are genuinely happy for us.


And of course to have been gifted a loving man who never fails to place above all others my happiness.

Thank you for making me feel special everyday my honey! I love you so much!

In love as always,



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