Into the Wilderness

Early this year, I bought a booklet from Zoobic Safari containing discount coupons that could be consumed when you visit the zoo. Our group decided to use them yesterday because they’ll get expired by the end of the year.

The rider couples πŸ™‚

Having their motorcycles with them, Alde (The birthday boy!), Lea, Tine and Jone decided to have their own road trip while Heaz and I rode a Victory Liner bus at Dau Terminal to get to the location. We paid P140 each for the fare and we’re dropped off in Harbor Point mall. It’s best you’re in a large group when commuting because you could save and divide expenses in transportation. Case in point, Heaz and I paid P400 for the taxi fare (the minimum taxi fare inside Subic) from Harbor Point to Zoobic Safari. Our wallet bled! πŸ˜€ But it’s all for the experience, right?

Lined up with Heaz. Notice I am always in charge in making arrangements for our group. Lol!

We only used 3 coupons because we were only six in the group plus the 3 coupons for the tram ride. Having still a lot to spare, we decided to give them away for free for those people who were in the line behind us. Merry Christmas, hohoho! πŸ˜€

We saved a lot because our coupons were buy one take one!

We saw all sort of animals. From birds to rodents to apes and dears, to horses and donkeys…and lions and tigers! We also entered the Serpentarium which I fear the most because I HATE SNAKES! But I was brave and took a selfie with a python! πŸ˜€

This Umbrella Cockattoo was an entertainer! It is also so beautiful πŸ™‚
This hornbill was hard to capture because it moves a lot!
Oh, Ape!
I am a shy sheep πŸ™‚

The first part of the tour was all about walking. We didn’t feel tired because our eyes were feasting on all the animals and eavesdropping on kids who were so adorably funny on their remarks regarding everything they see. Looking forward to having my own child and bringing him/her to zoos like this!

Well, yeah, I took a selfie with these camels. πŸ˜€ While looking at them, I was daydreaming on the day that I would actually ride them once I go to Sahara desert! Hihi


Mimicking the snakes! πŸ˜€
Yes, that’s a python right there!
Enjoying the view inside our tram.

We waited for over an hour just to get to experience the Safari ride and fed the king of the jungle! I took a video of him eating the raw chicken we bought for him. He’s such a sweetie. πŸ™‚

After the ride, we were brought inside the tigers’ cage to have our close encounter with them. One thing, the tiger’s urine smells nasty!


If you’ll get peed on by the tiger, you’ll stink for 2-3 days! Ew!
We saw preserved animals too!

10887727_10204752591047771_1179517441_n10887984_10204752590407755_1046723645_n10893555_10204752591207775_62887303_n10888280_10204752589847741_2034720272_n 10888185_10204752591167774_519171393_n


Tried being Katniss Everdeen and failed!
My traditional travel pose. πŸ˜€
Saw crocodiles and thought they’re fake! They were immobile kasi! Haha!

10893437_10204752588287702_2065813067_n 10888161_10204752588247701_757028816_n

Ended the tour with a happy kid heart! Went back to Harbor Point through the expensive taxi ride again then ate with much gusto our late lunch there. Then we decided to go home. But Heaz and I got on the bus by 6:30 after an hour of waiting. The bus was full and we sat on the bus floor. Huhu. I was tired and not feeling well by that time. Went to sleep right away after bidding good night to my honey who’s in El Nido Palawan right now.

Anyway…more adventures to share soon!

Til next,


P.S. HD photos are from Mami Lea’s camera.

P.P.S. Not so HD photos are from my iPhone. πŸ˜€

Alrightyyy, til the next! Loveloveβ™₯β™₯β™₯


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