Things That Make Me Happy

Tin is 25!

It’s the time of the year once again!

Whenever November comes, I knew, I knew, turning a year older is inevitable. This is how it goes with us in our barkada because every 9th of November seems to be the kick off of getting old.

Last night Tin An celebrated her 25th birthday at their house. Together with her close friends and family, we embraced the day our good friend turns her silver year. It was a night full of fun and laughter.


This is me belting an Aegis song. Sorry for those eardrums I’ve wrecked last night! Haha!

10807045_10204424669329933_50357398_nDid I entertain you my love? Hihi 😀

10808154_10204424668969924_1357505091_nPosted this photo on my IG and a friend left a comment saying we look a like already! I guess love does that. ♥♥♥

10752089_10204424669009925_340584687_nFB caption: A decade of friendship and sisterhood! Happiest birthday Tin!!! Miss you Em, Rik, and Sheen!!! ‪#‎gfour‬ ‪#‎tinis25‬

10807914_10204424669089927_642533451_nHappiest birthday my love Tin!!! Time flies, it’s been a decade na pala since we became friends because of anime! Haha! I love you to bits! You and the rest of G4! Looking forward to getting older and older with all of you! Cheers to life and the surprise it brings!

10373495_10204419169072430_6272921143112698647_nAnd of course, an outfit post! Had a really great, great time with my amazing friends last night!

‘Til the next turning a year older event!



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