Things That Make Me Happy

Nana is 3!

It’s Marteena’s 3rd birthday and we started the day by hearing the mass and thanking God for our dear little one’s another year of life. Marteena gives us continuous joy in our family and we’re so blessed to have a very smart girl. I love my niece so much and I can’t believe she’s 3 already! How time flies…she bullies me na!


*Screen grabbed this photo from Nana’s mommy’s IG account. Wala akong picture or video because I was carrying my 4-month old cousin.

We initially planned to go to Enchanted Kingdom. But unfortunately, my brother, who was our designated driver, lost his wallet along his driver’s license. Plan B was to go to Fontana Water park. But since it was late notice, we didn’t get to rent a villa thus leaving us for the third option–swimming at DM Residente Resort in Balibago.

My cousins had been here for a couple of times already and they were all praising the place after each visit. After visiting it for the first time, I could only agree how peaceful the resort was. It was like a house with a backyard and a swimming pool on it! For those folks who doesn’t know about this awesome getaway who live within Angeles City and for those who plan on visiting Pampanga, here is their website:  Now go and book now!


Mark played basketball with my brother and cousins. After months of being together, that was the first time I saw him played the sport he loves. 🙂


We had the resort all by ourselves which we took advantage in taking lots and lots of photos using the ever reliable monopod. 😀


And of course, we took advantage of the pool too! Swimming was really therapeutic!


Hoping for more quality time with my family in the future! It’s so hard these days because of work.


Again, Happy 3 Nana! Tita Nanny loves you very much! Always be a good girl. ♥

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