Welcoming back with an added Bonus

Two Saturdays ago, my girl friends, with our boyfriends, met up in Marquee to welcome back our friends after working for months in Cambodia. Laine and Renann got married before they flew for employment and now, going home, they brought us the most beautiful one could ever receive–A baby inside her tummy!!!!

How excited we all are for this bundle of joy we would be spoiling soon!

10671478_284361575094142_4090624956933081059_n10433895_284361548427478_1282753124039235517_n 1896940_284361591760807_313160182605639612_n 10383668_10202471682263841_2704976116701723903_n 10710777_10202471679543773_2337180437196199113_n 1521701_10202471687583974_4513983408845835880_n


Of course, we talked about a lot of things! Catching up at its finest! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s fun getting old together!

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