Day off, Take off!

Yesterday was Saturday and Saturday means No-Work-Hurray-Day for me. And as usual, I spent it with Mark and my close friends in addition.

We had an overnight gig at Lea’s place and saw one movie before we went to bed (Sharknado–you wouldn’t want me to start a movie review for this one, trust me!). We resumed to our movie marathon the next morning while eating our breakfast prepped by Lea with me and Tin as her assistants. Mehe. And because it’s already bright outside, thinking I could just go out of the house and run along the street screaming, made me give in to their request to watch…The Conjuring. Yes, this duwag agreed to watch it. Gaaaaaa!! I couldn’t even close my eyes without seeing images from the movie at the back of my eyelids after watching it!

After viewing one more movie and countless trailers of horror movies and marriage proposals, Mark and I went straight to our home to take a bath because we already stink! Haha! After freshening up and taking my dog to my Lola in her shop, we trooped towards Mark’s abode in Pandacaqui to have “tutorial” session with his sister. Oh boy, I already forgot my Algebra!!

2014-08-23 17.32.17 2014-08-23 17.33.16 2014-08-23 17.33.592014-08-23 17.32.13

Wish I had more time relearning the subject!

2014-08-23 19.39.10 2014-08-23 19.39.44

I rarely go to their house and it was a nice switch to be hanging out with his family that afternoon. 🙂

After our session, we met up with Mark’s cousin and also my close friend Rizaly. We then visit the Blessed Sacrament to honor God since we didn’t get the chance to hear the mass. Originally, we planned to go street food hunting at the very famous Totobits corner but when we got to the place we found out it was closed for the night! Ang pangarap kong isaw ay nawala na parang bula. Huhuhu.

And so we chose to hang out at the nearest 7/eleven store in the Startek Bldg. and munched on with snacks and drank a big Gulp of Mt. Dew and shared stories about work, love, and life with fits of laughter in between! Nakakasaya lang ng puso ang mga pagkakataong ganito!

2014-08-23 21.37.10 2014-08-23 21.37.11 2014-08-23 21.37.15

Went home that night with kabags in our tyans and masasakit na panga. Haha! 

Thank you Lord for this awesome day! Lots of love and blessings from you, I could not complain!


Giddy still,


*Hope you had a fun day too!

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