Friday = Fried day!

Five-minute walk, two jeepney rides, three Badjao beggars, and a twenty-minute traffic later, here I am now on my workstation, shaking the bad vibes away by writing this post. Whew.

Well, I wasn’t that irritated at all. It was just the hot weather that made the trip unbearable. But I am fooling myself if I won’t say that I wasn’t irked by that guy who was not a gentleman at all! See, the jeep was full and an old lady get on it, sat on my side with her butt filling just the half of the seat and there was that guy with his headphones on, texting his ‘Asawa qoe’ (sorry I couldn’t help but peek in!) and didn’t have the heart to move and let the old lady sit comfortably! Gaa, why are there such jerks??? I was throwing him dagger looks already and in my mind he was already on the jeepney floor writhing in pain! Sorry if that was too graphic for you. Pardon me, I am really, really mad! (Exhale bad vibes here!)

Aside from being mad, I felt sad. I am sad because I don’t know what’s happening in the world now. Why are kind people seemed to be endangered now? It doesn’t take too much effort to move a bit, right? I, for one, moved as much as I could, even if it means squashing my already small hips, just so the old woman could adjust.

I am not saying just because I thought of this I am the kindest of all. All I want to point is, think of others too. Be mindful of your surroundings and never neglect your social responsibility. What is wrong with helping others? Don’t you know that by extending your help means honoring God?

I don’t want to sound like preachy here. I just want to remind you guys to stop thinking only about yourself just for a little time and try to go out there and see the reality and do what you can do to make living here on earth much, much, lighter.



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