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A good heart is a happy heart

If a person makes fun of someone, would that make him bad?

If a person bash another person because of physical attributes, or something he said, or something he has done, is he already bad?

If a person did not share his food, do you consider him bad?

If a person shoos away a beggar, does that make him superior?


Everyday we encounter people and see the way they interact with others. I sit back and observe and sometimes it makes me shake my  head in utter disgust or disbelief. How could someone treat another like they are above them? Before I could say more on this, let us check ourselves first. Are you one of them? Did I at one point, think or act like that? The most honest answer would be…YES.

Yes, I did criticize others based on their physical aspect, the way they write, the way they speak, the way they dress…like I am THE standard or I know more than what they know. And guilt would wash over me and I would feel ashamed of myself for thinking that way. I don’t even have the right to judge because I myself isn’t perfect.

And then I would see people the way they look at beggars and the way they treat them that I pity their state–both those people and the beggars.

I could not fathom the idea of being overly selfish. Maybe because I wasn’t raised to be one. But there would be times that I will think that I’ve been robbed off more than I could handle because I’ve chosen to give. And I will feel ashamed all the more of myself because I think I’m letting God down.

Whenever I think negatively about other people I stop and assess the situation. I regard myself as a sensitive person or one who thinks all the possible angles of a situation. I think about what other people might feel, why they acted that way and from there I will conclude…then I will understand.

Let’s just say that all those people who ridicule others have also their stories. Not that I am tolerating such acts only because they have reasons, but if you will try to not react harshly and be objective, no exchange of heated arguments will occur.

We are all  made by God–good, understanding, selfless. We are all born to have good hearts. We are made to make each other live in this world peacefully, with care and love. We could do good. We could think good. We could always be good.

A kind heart is a good heart. A good heart is a happy heart.


Sending you lots of positivity!



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