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Focal point

It’s true. When people were rained hard by Lord’s challenges, they will turn out to be stronger than before. And that is by choice.

I once had a weak heart. Not literally. But emotionally, I tend to back down a lot from the harsh things life had thrown to me. I wasn’t saying I was a product of hard times because comparably, I am still a blessed person as opposed to those others who have nothing up in their sleeves. All I’m saying here is that, yes, I’ve been challenged enormously but I still consider myself lucky because everything I need right here to live, I was given.

Looking back on all the things that got me down, I feel extremely proud now. If then I was cursing on every bad things that came into my life, now I am thanking God because He rubbed me that way. I have been broken and bent into many shards, but I still consider my soul a beautiful one. Now it’s shining. Now it’s positive. Now it is whole, scarred, but whole.

But I believe I came out victorious because I never gave up. And that’s saying a lot.

Yes, I asked God many why’s at that time. Yes I doubted myself if I could do it. But my faith was  intact. My faith never left me. Or should I say, I never took my faith out of my heart.

Last night, Mark and I heard the anticipated Mass. And it was spot on. Last week we talked about his fears. And because I understand where’s he’s coming from, I tried my best to cheer him up, to make him see himself as someone who could surpass every hurdles. And again, we were reminded last night.

I love how Among Bishop pointed out the importance of keeping your FOCUS. He enumerated why we should focus. And here it goes:

a. Focus for Clarity

Don’t we just get blinded when uncertainties come our way? Don’t you get scared and close your eyes and wish you weren’t there? When problems arise, we tend to not see, we get swallowed whole by the situation and we overlook the things that could help us get out of it. And so we need to focus. You must focus on what needs to be taken care of. Let not fear rule out your feelings. Let not fear blur your vision. You need to get out. You must focus on light. And when your vision starts to be clear, you can be objective, not emotional, on what needs to be done.

b. Focus for Stability

We all aim to be stable. Who wants gripping for a steady life all the time? When we let fear rule our lives, we lose balance…we tend to walk with fear, walk shaking, walk nervously we could be easily swayed by the winds. But if we focus, if we try to stand straight and look at your target directly, you will see…you will walk steadily, with balance, without effort.

c. Focus for Direction

And lastly, why are we here on earth? We’re here because we have a purpose. We were made by God because we could do things that could change things for the better. But before we could change the world, we must know ourselves better to know what we need to do, so that we could focus on what needs to be done. We pray for guidance from God. We want to be led to the right path. But in order to do so, we need to focus on our faith, inside our hearts, so that we will be on the right direction. Focus, and you will arrive. Focus, and you will never see the hurdles. Focus, and you will be fearless.


With everything that I’ve experienced, I have learn to give up every fear to the Lord. Because I am focused that the skies will be cleared after the heavy rains.

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