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7 times 7 of Love♥

Aside from the fact that it’s Lea’s 24th birthday, today is also Mark and I’s 7th month together. Yihii!

We started our day baking Lea’s birthday cake, which is also my very first cake!

1901335_10152619416229784_8104343959521654184_n*Photo grabbed from the birthday girl’s FB account. Look at their teeth! Hope it’s their way to say the cake was delicious! Hahaha!!

2014-08-02 15.52.42We’ve been friends for a decade already and I truly vision my future with them on it! They are the friends for keeps!

After stuffing our stomachs with good food, Mark and I headed to SM Clark. We supposedly have gone to watch Hercules then eat after but the kuripots in us (I am saving big time for my goal–which is a secret I could not yet share to the world– and Mark, who is a natural taga-pigil in splurging) was guilty in overspending thus we ended up having dinner (yes we love to eat!) in Sizzling Plate. Plus, we are the type of couple who value quality time over gifts giving. Quality time for us meaning emotional time for us. I’m such a crybaby that whenever Mark reassures me of his love, I could not help but tear whenever, however! Imagine me crying in the middle of SM Food Court! Whatta moment!

But I believe there is no right place or right time to feel loved. (Aminin mo, nai-ahon ko ang sarili ko dun! Hahaha!)

2014-08-02 20.30.52Pre-crying time with my love ♥ meh!

2014-08-02 22.03.59 10500386_10203668420424183_4840299001123721174_nThen we went straight to Coffee Academy to just chill and feel the quiet ambiance the place brings.

2014-08-02 22.07.15A happy purchase by my man who is a diehard fan of Kobe.

Today was great because I know there’s a man out there who have so much love to give not just to me but also to his family and friends. I am such a lucky girl! Thank You Lord!


Loved and Loving,


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