Wanders & Wonders

Amazing Puerto Galera


Last year around the latter part of February, my friends and I went to Hundred Islands & Baguio to have our summer get away. This year, we planned to go to Puerto Galera. And it was a fabulous decision!

Erika, Jeff, Mark and I traveled from Pampanga to Manila in the wee hours of February 21 and met up with Lea and Alde at the Victory Liner station. We waited for an hour at most for Heazel because she didn’t wake up early! Bad girl!

Good thing we didn’t have to wait long for the bus going to Batangas. But it was a long travel going to the Pier because of traffic! Grrr.

After so many hours, hooraaay! It was my first time to set foot in Batangas. And it felt so good! 😀 My wanderlust was satisfied.

We rode a boat to get to the island for an hour. I remembered how my butt ached for sitting that long!

Once we’ve arrived on the island, we paid environmental fee then a shuttle took us to our hotel. After fixing the necessary arrangements on our hotel rooms, we went downstairs to eat our lunch. We’re famished that whatever was laid in front of us was eaten!


Photo taken the moment we reached the roof top of our hotel. 😀


The gang while waiting for our food.

Because we only had limited time left for the day, we decided to just chill and appreciate the beauty of Puerto Galera.


Being touristy with Heazel and went “shopping”. Mura in fairness!


It’s our first out of town adventure together and we’re excited like that! 😀


I feel pretty and sexy. Lmao.


And oddly silly the next. Haha!



Missies forever! 🙂


We rested early because our scheduled land & island tour the next day was 6am! I was so excited to see the breathtaking island!

Day 2

After eating our breakfast, our guide led us to the vehicle that would take us around. It was an open one and I appreciated the fresh breeze!


He woke up early, the excited one!

I could not recall, but it’s probably my first time to see falls that I squealed like a child when I first heard the ‘lagaslas ng tubig’. I stared at it in awe when I saw it, dang Mother Nature, you’re so beautiful!




We went further, after taking tons of pictures at the first site, and found a carabao waiting for us to take us to another falls, where we needed to pass at least 8 rivers! Oh adventure, I am ready for you!!



Found a cacao fruit on the way! Yum!


The water was so cold that we didn’t stay in it for long. But we enjoyed climbing those rocks behind us!


After our land tour, we went straight to a dock where we waited for our boat that will take us island hopping! We ate our lunch at the first island we went to but wasn’t that much satisfied. We’re okay that our tummies were filled though.

Then the big boat brought us to where the smaller boats were which we will use to explore smaller islands. We went to an underground cave and it was crazy! Due to high tide, the water current down there was scary that I need to hold on tight to my friends just so I won’t be banged on those sharp stones!


Then came to my most favorite activity of all–snorkeling!!!! Gaaa we loved seeing those underwater creatures! I haven’t seen anything like them before!! Hoping to explore more of our underwater friends in the future. Scuba diving, wait for me!!!


We do not want to stop!

‘Twas a tiring day but we had so much fun!! We ate a lot that night but I got a slight fever I didn’t get to enjoy the night life there. Bummer!

Day 3:

We spent half of the morning shopping for our pasalubong.s We hoard t-shirts that we got discounts from Manang, haha!!

We almost didn’t make it to the early trip back to Batangas port but good thing I’ve talked it out to the agent of the boat and got us in for the last minute. Whew! I thought we’re gonna extend, horror! I already missed my Mama. Haha!

I super enjoyed our trip to Puerto Galera not only because the island was great but also I’ve got the most amazing group ever!

Til the next adventure guys! 🙂



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