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Friday Night Lights

Today (well technically yesterday, July18, because we went home past 2am!) was Jaijai’s birthdaysary plus our Tita from Hong Kong was home! I wasn’t able to join the party but I went straight home right after my work just to change clothes because we were heading out with the younger ones of the family!

We went to Wishing Well to have some dinner but the bagets got grumpy because they were promised that tonight was their night. They want to play XBox Kinect in I.M. Monster but our tita decided to go for Wishing Well. While we were enjoying our food, the kids were sulking on the next table not touching their food we ordered for them. Tsh!

10480189_10203577903441315_3673381256432417962_nFirst ever OOTD after a long, long time!

After eating, and to also cave in to their request, we headed to I.M. Monster. The place was owned by a Korean where people could play Xbox Kinect games (the dancing and NBA games for example) and sing their hearts out via KTV! They also offer food in case you get hungry by doing these recreational activities with your friends and loved ones. I, for one, enjoyed the experience because it’s something new for me. I’m a KTV fan, and surely lots of Filipinos love to sing via videoke. Not to mention there are many KTV restaurants already but to have this kind of place is a sure winner, mostly to those teens who loves hanging out with their friends!

10294230_10203577872880551_7989618733874705888_n 10371401_10203577870200484_8310825095636038439_nMonsters were painted around the walls where we took the liberty to have our photo opps while waiting for our room to be cleaned. 10364068_10203577887600919_1425221180911928032_n 10492313_10203577872520542_6795608831523134669_nThere were props you could use to make your pictures more funnier and for instant role playing too! Hahahaha!! 10509631_10203577876440640_473498559297663120_n 10513462_10203577870880501_5664059039087280554_n 10514765_10203577896321137_6418781473923101082_nIt wasn’t a complete night for me because Mark wasn’t able to come with us. 😦 10516776_10203577874840600_7564677026324379300_n Yeah, our slippers were glowing in the dark! Good ventilation too!

Personally I did enjoy our experience in I.M. Monster. Their food was delicious too, only I don’t have photos because the plate was already cleared before I even got to snap some on my phone. Plus we’re all so engrossed with the things we could do inside the room.

And of course, the night was fun because I was with those people I loved the most–my family! Hope to experience it with Mark next time!

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