Semper Ad Meliora

Senti Sunday

Last week was one hell of ride, personally. For one, I have been diagnosed to have a Fibroadenoma. According to Wikipedia, Fibroadenomas are breast lumps composed of fibrous and glandular tissue. In my case, I have it on the right side. Based on the ultrasound, it was 5cm in size…which was quite big.

When I first discovered it last February, negative things came into my mind. What if it’s cancerous? What if it’s already on the stage where it can no longer be cured? What if my days are numbered already?

Those thoughts were crazy, morbid even. But I guess it was normal. Hell, it’s not like everyday that I will feel a lump in my breast!

Thank heavens, it was benign…and I just have to have it removed.

And then our family faces yet another challenge. We welcomed another beautiful addition to our family. But unlike others, our little angel is, sadly, inside an incubator because she was born 2 months before her full term. We were quite emotional when we saw her the first time. We were alarmed because there were tubes all over her. We need prayers for our brave little one. Please, include her in yours guys!



No matter what I’m going through, as long as my loved ones are around me, supporting and giving me strength, I will be brave. I will be okay.



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