Warmed Heart

The summer heat is becoming unbearable these days. Even after a bath, you could still feel the humid and it doesn’t feel like you’ve showered at all! So we, my father, who just came home from abroad for a short vacation, my brother, cousin and I, decided to go to SM Clark to chill and just window shop. Thank you for the free aircon, yeah!

photo 1

Of course, I have to take a quick outfit shot right after parking. (Taking it seriously? Meh. Haha)

photo 2

photo 3

These are the most decent shots that my cousin took.

photo 4

Then we went to Caffe Bene to sip some cool frappes. Hello close up faces! photo 1(1)

My father rarely goes home to us. Some family issues you don’t wanna hear, meh. But all is well. Everyone’s happy already, promise!

photo 2(1)


I always treasure photos like this. It’s not everyday I get to have pictures with the two most handsome guys in my life.


by S♥

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