Last night, my 2-year old niece hit me on the head. And boy, I was deeply hurt. Not because of the pain but because it was the first time she hurt me that way. She was always the sweet girl and I never thought she’ll do that to me.

I tried to stop my tears from falling. Her mother was telling her to say sorry to me but she ended up crying. She was getting my attention thus the hitting. And finally I understood.

I hugged & carried her. She was crying. I was crying too. I asked her, “Why did you do that to TitaNanny? Don’t you love me anymore?” She cried harder. I felt like she was hurt too because I was hurt. I hugged her even tighter and whispered to her, “Say sorry to Tita.” And she whispered back, “Sorry.” “I love you!” I told her. “Love you”, she answered in her small voice. “Please hug tita?”

We stopped crying, smiled and hugged each other more.

I don’t know how really a child’s mind works…but it was simple. You love them and they’ll love you back.



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