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If there’s one thing I take pride in doing, it will be writing. I am not saying I am a very experienced writer but I would like to stretch the importance of expressing myself through string of words that sprung out of my mind–may it be on paper (which mostly for my own eyes only) or on the vast, virtual world where many could read my random thoughts on anything I took interest in at the moment.

I started blogging in 2009. Or earlier when Friendster was still famous. I feel happy when I click the ‘publish post’ button because I felt I had accomplished something. I shared short stories, journal-like posts, photos I found interesting, random poems, and just about anything I want to say something on.

Blogging was becoming a trend and before I even realized it, blogs about travelling, cooking, crafts making, fashion, and etc were all over the internet and I couldn’t help but get giddy of the fact that there’s so much I could get inspiration & tips from.

Recently, I found myself checking fashion blogs out more often. Who wouldn’t be so into fashion nowadays? And that’s how I found out about our very own Pampanga Fashion Bloggers group on Facebook and I was so curious about it because I never thought there was a group of fashion bloggers in our province! Instantly, I liked the page and went on checking out each blogs featured there. And truthfully, I was amazed.

Weeks after, a post caught my attention. PFB was looking for an associate blogger. My heart jumped! This is an opportunity, I thought. And so I tried signing up for it. And I was so lucky Ms. Khai liked my writings! Giddiness overload!

Being an associate blogger meant having the privilege to be invited on events and product/service trials. It wasn’t a regular thing; you  can’t expect that there’ll always be events that you could be invited & blog about.

But I was so fortunate, and honored, to be invited to meet one of the top fashion bloggers in the country one Sunday afternoon. She’s no other than the  Laureen Uy herself! I was beyond excited when Ms. Khai informed me that we could get to meet her before her meet and greet event in Caffe Bene. Plus it would be my first time meet Ms. Khai Nunag, the person responsible for the birth of #PFB, personally along with other PFB members, Seff and Elle. I was kinda nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. But they were so kind and nice to me.



Going back, I saw first hand how Laureen took her outfit shots. It was so surreal! We also accompanied her to Mango for her pull out of clothes.




It was a 3-day sale in SM City Clark then that there were too many people inside the mall buying their stuff. The meet & greet event would start an hour later which meant time for my companions to take their own outfit shots just right outside Caffe Bene. I got to observe them do their thing. And was also given the chance to take my own OOTD shots by our fellow Seff Francisco. Swear, it was so awkward!




I didn’t get to hang out with them longer (after the event they got the chance to eat merienda with Laureen–so much jealousy there!) because I had to meet up with someone and hear the Mass. But that afternoon would definitely be one for the books!


I will say thank you over and over again to Ms. Khai for the opportunity and sorry if I was being real shy then! Looking forward to be invited again.


(Sorry for the photos, they were all taken on my iPhone. I didn’t get the chance to get a picture with Elle, sad.)

One outfit shot for the shy lady! 🙂 Photo grabbed from Ms. Khai’s FB account.



Oh I hope for more afternoons like this!

‘Til next time!



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