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Amazing 2014.

I’m still trying to grasp how my, our, 2013 had passed by that quickly that I could still remember exactly, or most of it, what I had done the night before we anticipated it. But then, it mustn’t really come as a surprise that it is now 2014 because everything goes on. Of course, days will pass, what do I expect?

So now, on the tenth day of the new year, I am embracing wholeheartedly that this year is going to be like no other.

I welcomed 2014 with sickness. Afternoon January 1st, I woke up from my nap with my father’s face on my bro’s ipad mini’s screen and a feverish feeling. Temperature’s running, bummer. After talking to my father about my then-suitor, I stood up just to lie down again on our sofa in the sala. Gaa. I was expecting a visitor and I was feeling weak. But heck, it’s the first day of the year and I should make the most out of it so I bathed and waited for him.

For three days I was bed ridden and I only get up when I need to go to the bathroom. Because of my gastroenteritis, I experienced diarrhea and vomiting that I almost got confined because of dehydration. Thank God the medicines my doctor gave me worked that I was able to go back to work in no time.

Whilst this was happening, I had another pill that made me feel better. Yes, rumors are true. My mysterious photos on Instagram will tell you how inspired I am nowadays. No need for more clarification and specification. I am happy. We are happy. That’s all that matters.

Aside from my own issues and stories, we are yet facing another big shandig in our family history. I couldn’t divulge that much about it. But things are going well already and I hope it will always be from now on. We’re expecting more drama and happiness in our household this year. And I know God has reasons why things are happening now.

Only few days after 2014 came, many things had been going around in my life. And I expect the good and the bad things that happen will be because of something greater that is coming in our way.

So here I am. Hopeful. Grateful. Expectant. Knowing 2014 will be amazing.


Happiest New Year to all of you guys!

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