The things that make me go “Awwk!” (Like you no more)

We all have set of standards when choosing or looking for THE ONE. We want someone who is handsome, gentleman, sensitive, caring, loving, etc. etc. But in our search for the perfect man, well, we will realize (if not already) that it ain’t easy gal. Hell, if it was, we girls will all be celebrating by now as lovey-dovey, sweet nothings, and sparks are already in our side.

One of the things that makes this journey a difficult one is our “hmmpf” reactions. The moment when we finally see something eew in that someone we thought is already the perfect one.

For example, you have been “in like” with this person for such a long time already. You only see him from the distance. Yeah, you kinda like have this one-sided thingy with him. But when you’ve finally got the chance to be close to him, to know him more, you suddenly pressed the break and say to yourself “Woah! Stop right there. This isn’t pretty!” That’s because you saw something that turned you off. Something that isn’t included in that dreamy bubble inside your head of him. And that will suck, yes it will. You’ll be going to say, “Ay sayang! Gwapo pa naman siya”.

Am I making sense? Did you experience this already?

Another situation. This is going to be biased because of our prejudices. But here it goes: There’s this one guy who has a crush on you since forever and you kinda decided to give him a chance. Well, sort of give yourself a chance. To be fair you know, to him and to yourself. You’re gonna give it a try. As opposed as you were to the idea of getting to know him, you’ll go on because you don’t want any ‘what-ifs’ inside your  head. And so, you’ll go out with him, give him time, entertain him, and in the process you’ll be like feeding his ego too. You will see the good sides, yes of course. But, honestly, will you consider him (or them)? Will those qualities make you go, “Ah yes. This might go somewhere”. Well, maybe yes…maybe not. Because to tell you the truth, I had been there. But I mostly saw the bad things in him more than those things that might make me fall in love with him. Yes, prejudices, bad vibes…but what can I do? I really, simply, don’t like him. And that happens, my friends.

On the other end though, there will be those instant reactions we give when we saw a certain guy, right? Like a knee-jerk reaction, you will immediately say “Oh no, no. Not him, please!” Mean? Real!

So what will make me go “Awwwweeewww”? Well, here it goes:

  • The mayabang approach. There’s time and place to be arrogant. There’s a moderation too. Maging mayabang in a way na hindi offensive. Okay lang na buhatin ang sariling bangko, pero wag sobrahan. Wag masyadong bilib sa sarili na akala mo ikaw ang may-ari ng mundo. Yung mga mahahangin, pasok din dito. Ere nila. Kaasar. Pati ‘yung paglalakad nila mala-Robin Padilla. Mga kuya, wala kayong lisensya para umasta ng ganun!
  • The mean boy. Yes, girls aren’t the only ones who are mean. Guys too! They pick on girls on the way they look or dress or talk or walk. And I don’t like that! Wala kang karapatang mang-okray pare okay? Fine, ako din nang-o-okray paminsan minsan pero…iba kasi ‘pag galing sa lalake. Ang gwapo mo naman, kuya! Choosy na ‘to!
  • The emo attack. Sure, it’s okay to show emotions, compassion, and all. But dude, ‘wag sobra! Kung maka-drama ka diyan, daig mo pa ako!
  • The irresponsible, no back bone guy. You’ve done a big decision in your life and that’s remarkable. But please, if you screwed things up, learn to face it! Don’t go hiding behind your mother and blaming people away! Wag ka ngang duwag!
  • The clingy monkey.  Sure you found her beautiful, sexy, and all. You thought she’s like a goddess. And when she played nice and entertained you, you made her feel special and said flowery words. But please, please, do not act as if you own her and could demand any thing from her. Do not appear to be so attached to her. Wag ka ngang pahalatang parang siya na lang ang life line mo sa buhay pag-ibig mo! Space dude! Please!
  • The drug addict look. Sure, rugged looking boys are sexy and hot. Pero may binabagayan ang aura’ng ‘yan kuya! Wag ka nga! Hygiene is still important! And if you can’t maintain the grungy feel, make yourself look presentable and kagalang-galang. Hindi ‘yung trying hard sa 5 o’clock shadow at nagmumukha nang tambay sa kanto na humihithit ng marijuana. 
  • The one-time millionaire. At this point, girls look for men who can fend for themselves and for their future partner in life. And what a negative vibe you’ll send off to a girl if you’re living beyond your means. Hindi ikaw si pareng Warren para gumastos one time big time para lang magpasikat. 
  • The jackass act. Guys who don’t respect women–in all ages–are a no, no for me. Dude, you have a mother. What would you feel if other guys don’t treat her well? Don’t be such a douchebag just to be labeled as cool. That was totally uncool! And don’t go around announcing to the world on how many girls you’ve been. A Casanova isn’t likely to be seen as a positive trait in the long run. Di nakakadagdag sa pagkalalaki mo  kung aakto kang dominant ka sa babae. Respeto lang, please! Super pogi points ang gentleman na lalaki, promise!
  • The vanity mirror.  I always cringe when I see guys who are more vain than I am. Those guys who bring even their vanity kits, spend time inside the rest room more than a girl does and pull out their alcohol after touching things. Like duh. The OC-ness is killing me! I’m not saying that it’s OA to be clean, but I hope you get the point. Eh ako nga di nagpa-powder tas sila? Sus!
  • The rabbit runner. These are the guys who think they could get you in a whirlwind way. Like duh! Girls wanna be wooed and want to see your sincerity by offering them your time and assuring them that you could wait. But if you are one of those guys who just met someone in a bar and after a dance or two, he took you home and hooked up with you…boy, I ain’t give you a second look! ‘Di lahat madadaan sa bilis! Wala tayo sa race!
  • The Chacha dancer.  This! These guys! These guys who take one step forward then two steps backwards. Those guys who will sweep you off your feet one time then take it all back the next. In short paasa! ‘Yung mga lalakeng ‘yan na kapag kumagat ka eh sa susunod sila naman ang bibitaw! Ang bad nyo!
  • User friendly. You think only things could be labeled as such, but, hey….guys are too! I don’t like these guys. I do not want to incorporate myself into such situation that’s why when my alarm in my head had already set off and told me that this guy is only using me to his advantage, I would pull myself back. Super away that he won’t get a hold of me anymore. Eto ‘yung mga lalake kasing manghihingi na nang manghihingi ng favor mula sa’yo tas pag nakuha na nila ang gusto nila aasta silang parang hindi ka na kilala. Pwede ba! Sakit nyo sa bangs!

And on that note, I will end this post/rant.  I may have not expounded on each that much but I am sure you get what I want to say. Because, truthfully, we girls are just simple in looking for the one, right? The one who will make us feel we’re special and we’re the one that they had been waiting for in this life time. And that they will do anything just to be worth it of your love. At tayo din ganun syempre sa kanila. 🙂

How about you? What will send you in the opposite direction…away from men?


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