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Define: Beauty

Nowadays, physical appearance seems to be a big factor when looking for someone. And I get it, you know. Because honestly, it’s what my eyes see first. The tall, fair, lean chinito boy. The physicality of someone, it’s what we all notice at once. And if by your standards, he didn’t deliver, oh well…move on to the next one.

I am not saying this to be mean. It’s just that…I guess, we have this certain program in our brain that classifies the kind of people whenever we see them as how we perceive them.

And there goes the saying…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I believe that it is true.

There’s an upcoming movie in our country entitled “Bakit ‘Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?” which is based from a self-help book by Ramon Bautista. The book is about how could someone deal with unrequited feelings from their crushes. Promotion wise, a bloggers conference was organized to have the actors answer questions about the movie. One question that was posed goes something like this: Define beauty.

The actors gave their views about what is beautiful for them. And they’re all true and what I also think. But what got me interested was Kean Cipriano’s answer. From what I’ve understand, beauty varies and depends on what the whole you perceive as beautiful. The one you like may not like you not because you’re not beautiful but because you are not just his kind of beautiful. And I get it. I understand it.

I don’t even know if I’m making some sense here. But aren’t you also like that? There will always be that guy that you find handsome but one of your best friends think otherwise.

I now have no ill feelings towards my crush who doesn’t like me back. I get it. I do.

But listen…it’s not all about the outside look. Cliche as it sounds, but what’s inside is the more important thing we need to consider. As what Kim Chiu said, anong gagawin mo sa ganda ng mukha kung chaka naman ang ugali?

I also liked what Xian Lim said. He’s known for being a positive guy and that’s maybe the reason why he associated beauty to optimism. One who looks at things in the positive light tends to bring the glow, the beauty he has from within outwards, giving him a peaceful look. And that’s what is the most endearing of all.

So if you ask me what’s beauty?

Goodness & optimism.

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