Life & Love, Semper Ad Meliora

They don’t

You ever had that awful tightening of the chest? No, it’s not because you have heart disease. No, you ain’t having an asthma attack. You were sitting by your bedroom window, watching the pouring rain, and your song was playing on the background, then suddenly you’ve realized you were thinking of him. All those times he made you smile like a silly girl, that moment when he hugged you like he never wanted to let go of you, that afternoon when he first hold your hand, and those nights he sang for you so that you could go to sleep without difficulty. And that final moment on the dock when you last waved your hand because you were saying good bye. All those things you had experienced with him and that will never happen again. Yes. With that, my heart aches. I couldn’t breathe.

I couldn’t understand why some great things never last.

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