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The beauty in atypical

Today, as part of my morning routine, I opened my Facebook account and started browsing through the endless posts of my friends. Then a status that was liked by my two friends caught my attention. Normally, I would just scroll down and down without pausing to read…but this, this certain post made me stop and took time reading it. Here it goes:

Richard Poon, to me, represents what a real man should be like. I can’t remember how many times I heard a guy dismiss or degrade a woman because of her sexual history — as if her worth as a person rests on virginity alone. I’m sure you’re familiar with these lines “Pare wag na sya, laspag na yan eh,” “Dude iba na lang, natikman na yan ni (insert name here),” like women with sexual experience don’t deserve love and respect. Guys, seriously? Are you that special? Imagine if women selected husbands based on virginity too, baka 5% lang ang makasal lol.
Maricar was videotaped having sex with a guy (a huge douche bag) and almost everyone saw that. She was called whatever and she was judged. But look at her now, she made the most beautiful bride. Richard Poon is the luckiest guy on Earth. Marry a woman because you love her for who she is, not how you want her to be. She is as important as you, her feelings, her needs and wants. Marry her past, be her present and together, create your future.

Kinikilig talaga ako.

Kevin A. Mandrilla

Yesterday, upon waking up, my timeline in Twitter was bombarded with the short video of the recent wedding of two of the famous artists in the Philippines–Richard Poon and Maricar Reyes. And as a fan of weddings and love, hurriedly looked for the link, joined the bandwagon, and watched it. Boy, I was touched immensely, swear! Knowing what Maricar had gone through, I couldn’t help but gush and sigh of a happy relief that indeed, yet another woman, found her Prince Charming. The one who saw past someone’s flaws and past. And I salute Richard Poon for being a true gentleman. Dude, you’re the man!

Needless to say, I couldn’t help but agree more to what Mr. Kevin posted on his status. And I wasn’t the only one. Thousands of people united on that opinion. I mean, yeah, duh, whatever. In our culture, virginity is such a big issue. Though not unheard of, non-virgin girls are thoroughly judged. People, it’s a choice! Mistake or not, it’s the way how someone views and handles it.

For Maricar’s situation, it was just so unfortunate that she’s a public figure and a, pardon for the word, bastard made the whole world see something that must have remained a private one. But the mayhem exploded and the casualty was bashed by many. And that’s where I found respect for Maricar. Amidst the controversy, she remained mum about it. She handled it with grace that no one had foreseen. And for that, she gained much more respect from people all over country.

And as a great woman that she was, she moved on from it and healed herself by turning to the Most High. It was an exemplary act. And truly the best solution. Which had lead her to the one true man that God designed for her. Kudos to Mr. Poon, really, for letting love and God pour down on your soul and for finding beauty in such atypical situation.

Wrapping this up, I wanna shout out to all the men out there. Please, please, don’t make your standards to be the yardstick of the woman you’ll gonna marry. Do not, for one moment, judge her by the way she dresses, talks, her family background, her past relationships…See past her physical beauty, her flaws, her heartaches, and mistakes. She genuineness of her love, the strength of her character. Fall in love for her love of herself and her faithfulness to the Lord.

Let be dictated by God’s direction.

You’ll never love the wrong one.

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