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It isn’t easy as imprinting…that’s why it’ll be worth the wait.

This was originally posted on my FB notes last November 23, 2012. Oh, for my love of weddings! :))

Flash warning! Too much cheesiness (more on emoness) and exclamation points ahead!!!! See? šŸ˜€


I am currently in my obsessive self today. If not for food or adventure, I get obsessed with something more magical…something more ethereal. Yes. Love. Destiny. Serendipity. Soul mate. Weddings. Happy endings. Whatever you want to call it. Pardon me, I am in the mood to write about it!


I guess I should explain why I am writing again about love. Those who know me would smirk and whisper, “Ayan na naman po siya. Emo mode on.” But heyyyy! Give me a chance! Won’t you read the rest of the entry muna before you say things? Wag maging judgmental people! I am capable of writing about love naman without being all too senti. And some of my tumblr friends might be nagtataka as to why I am writing here (hello, fb note??) instead sa tumblr mismo. Sarreh you guys, I am so tamad to open my account for weeks now. Haha! Besides, many would be able to read my thoughts here, if there are curious enough ano, to click the link and read the rest of my blabber here. Haha.


So back to the topic.


I am inspired to write because helloooooo!! ThePats got married yesterday! Harharhar. I know, I know. Nag-iisang linya na mga eyebrows niyo and asking yourself, “Who are they? Baliw-baliwan na naman ‘tong si Sheila, kung sinu-sino nalalaman”. Sorry you guys, I am chismosa like that! Hahaha!


Okay, I’ll introduce you to the newlyweds–Patty Laurel and Patrick Filart (Yes, that’s why ThePats!! :D)! Google them na lang! I don’t have patience to search for you guys. Nag-iiba ang content ng entry na to. Mehehe! Peace! ((:


As I was saying, I had been inspired to give my two cents regardingĀ  love, relationship, the right one, etc etc because of them. I had been following Patty (uy, close kame?) on twitter for months now( even her They had been engaged last New Year’s Eve (see the proposal; it’s so cute and touching–brownout daiii! ) and the date of their wedding wasn’t announced (I believe). I had only known it was yesterday through Patty’s close friend Nicole’s tweet. Yay, more chismax for me. šŸ˜€ And being such a chismosa, I looked for more details about their relationship. Nakalkal ko ang engagement video nila, their pre nup, the before relationship of Patty before finally being with Patrick and so on and so on. And it led me to think that waiting is, indeed, super rewarding in the end.


I have never been in a relationship. My closest friends and family would tease me about it endlessly when they get the chance. I am their very favorite topic over a bottle of Coke, or while eating chichiria, or just when we were just watching a comedy show (super off the topic, my gasss!). Yes, that’s how they send me over the edge and make me wail “Bakiiiiitttttttt akoooooooo naaaaaaaa namannnnnnnnnn?????? Oh yes, they love me that way I guess. They are the impatient ones, while I’m in the corner whispering “I’ll have my day someday. Makikita ko din sya. I’ll just wait.”


Some days, I will believe in that. Some days, I am extremely pessimistic that I would, out of nowhere, wail “Foreeeeevveeerrrr Aaaalllllooonnnneeee na ba ako??!!” Super OA, right? But of course, those moments are inevitable. I am 22 going 23 for crying out loud!


(share: My thoughts are faster than my fingersĀ  so I am doing my best to catch up. Right now, I’m totally not into what I’m typing and my head is formulating anotherĀ  sentence thatĀ  goes with the last paragraph. Pardon me if I have grammaticalĀ  errors. I’m paranoidĀ  like that. Mehe.)


Sometimes it was over the top complaint that I give in and say these to my friends and in exchange, sometimes they’ll laugh though, they would pat my back and in their most soothing words they will comfort me and say, “You’ll meet him din. Don’t rush.” And I’ll nod and say, “You’re right.” Then I’ll be okay again.


But with what I have read about ThePats, true love waits talaga. You pray for it eh. Patiently, plus your faith never wavering. You will lost the battle once you’ve say “Wala na talaga akong pag-asa”. No. That’s not should be the attitude.


Lately, I have been saying to myself, at the sight of lovely couples or the rays of the sun touching a glass surface causing a rainbow, that my someday will really come. That my Mr. Right is out there. That he is on his way. That God is busy preparing the grandest meeting of all time. That my waiting time will be rewarded with the biggest gift of all–the person I will spend the rest of my life with. The one who will be laughing at my antics, the one who will find my clumsiness charming, the one who will see right through what’s on my very cluttered mind, and the one who will accept me and love me for who I really am–damaged, broken, but loving way beyond whatever I project that I am.


I am not as lucky as the werewolves, but I will know when that day comes. My heart will speak. The sky will be cleared. The clouds will pour so much love. With those signs, how could I go wrong?


So cheers for my ever patient, faithful heart!


Someday I will be loved.

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