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Forever Missies

After such a long time, my girl friends and I decided to meet yesterday at SM Clark for a late lunch date. And as usual, I was the early bird despite my intentional late departure from home. They never get punctual, I promise! Haha!

While waiting, I decided to roam around the mall. Went to National Bookstore and left it with a broken heart because I stopped myself from buying Requiem! Then I window shopped inside the department store making myself even more frustrated because there were lots of pretty clothes! Talk about scrimping and tight budget. Meh.

And so to whisk the disappointment away, I strutted towards food court to buy myself a Banana Chocolate Belgian Waffle. Ah, yummy!!! And that was the time I saw Tine An walking towards me and we ended up sitting and chatting on one of the table sets there. Bored as we were, Tine started braiding my hair! Haha!

Then Lea and Alde came. We talked about ghosts and as ridiculous as it could be, they were rooting for Crane and Cielo to end up in real life! Meh! (TLS readers could relate. Haha)

After an hour or so, Em finally arrived! Always the late one, I tell you! The nocturnal. Haha!


Step shot Gfour style šŸ˜‰

Then we decided to eat at Chowking because we’re craving for noodle soup. šŸ™‚


This is how we get kulet. Haha!


After stuffing ourselves with “Chinese” food, we waited for Rik to arrive. And finally, my Saturdates are complete! :))


We then decided to be Anne Curtis for a day so we went to World of Fun and rented a Videoke room for an hour. It was so fun belting Alone and Listen! HAHAHAHAHA!


After this, Lea and Tine needed to go already because they have still work in Manila. Me, Rik and Em were left and went to a salon to have my hair permed. Yes, hello again locks! :)))


Inip na sila? Hehe.


Curly again :))

After this, Rik had to go home because she’s sleepy already. And we’re down to 2! Em and I decided to go Korean for late evening snack at Jumong Express. Yeahba! šŸ™‚


Ate Cheese Ramyeon and Fish cake! Yummy spicy! šŸ™‚

And that’s how I spent my free day. Lots of love, laughter, and fun moments with my forever missies. Love you guys! More days like this please! :))

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