The Islands and the Islanders


This adventure had been thought out two months earlier. The initial plan was this: A Puerto Galera trip with the Gfour, Missies, and their guys which if you’ll total the number of persons that had agreed on this it will make it 14 persons! But no, no, no. Last minute changes, unforeseen incidents and all made it impossible to have this trip with everyone going. And so, change of plans! Instead of Puerto Galera, we decided to go to Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan and in Baguio.

But hephep, di pa dun natatapos ang stress. 6 of us decided to push the plan through but the night before our departure, one backed out, yet again! And Rik was like, “Missy, wala ka na bang maisasamang iba?” Eh prior that day, I already told Kio na not to go with us na muna because Heazel might be get OP kasi it’ll look like she’s the only one who has no partner. Tapos ayun, di din sya sasama. And I can’t ask Kio again to join us. Le sigh ~~

I texted a number of persons who I could bring along but they’re all not available:

Kenneth–hello, didn’t tell him about the trip before kasi I thought Laine and Renann will come. Eh it would be awkward if the three of them will be there, right?

Rizaly–too late notice. I’m sarreh!

Sehy–was katurs

August–will go to Bolinao the same date

Rex–arrr, not available. -.-

Kuya Redjh–good luck on my being third wheel yeah!

So that left me being an…outcast. Bwahahaha. No, not naman. I told Rik that I’ll be fine kahit na dalawang lovers ang kasama, go, gora, go lang. Heazel kasi eh. ~~~

Okay. Moving on…

We agreed to meet in Dau Terminal at 4am. But being first timers as backpackers, expected na maraming riot ang mangyayari. We can’t board on a bus that directly travels to Alaminos. Past 5am came and we decided to just ride the bus going to Dagupan and from there we shall just take another bus to get to Alaminos.

We arrived in Dagupan around 9am and rode a non-aircon bus which will take us to Alaminos. It was a stressful 2hr drive, I tell you! It felt like forever!


Pati sa tricycle, picture-picture din. Mekek.

But we arrived in Alaminos safe and sound by 11am. From there, we rode a tricycle that will take us to Lucap which was 5kms away from the terminal.

And at last! We arrived in Hundred Islands National Park.


Team White! Photo op sa pantalan β™₯ (Ako na ang walang partner, fine!)

To all travelers out there that have plans on going to Hundred Islands, beware of those mapagsamantalang bangkeros. Well, even in other places, there will be those people who will take advantage of you dahil lang bago kang salta. So, wag tatanga-tanga.

There are only 3 developed islands–Governor’s Island, Quezon Island and Children’s Island.


The first stop was the Governor’s Island where we had our lunch. It got a cave and a viewer’s deck which was a high climb, I tell you. Instant workout guys!


I’m the queen of the world!!!!


The cave! πŸ˜€


Never mind Lea here. She’s exhausted! Parang na-heat stroke. Governor Island’s View Deck :))

After this, we continued our boat riding and saw more islands. The Turtle Island is so cute! *.*

Then we continued and docked our boat in Quezon Island. This is where tourist could take a plunge in the beach. So, swim it is!!


Maraming naka-two piece kaya naglakas ng loob na din ang lola nyo! HAHAhA!


On our way to Children’s Island β™₯β™₯


Children’s Island! Tiniis namin ang mga bato-bato at nag-swim papunta dun oh, sa may ilalim ng island na yun. πŸ˜€


The backpackers! πŸ™‚

And our Hundred Islands experienced ended there! Yihaaaa πŸ˜€ 7007 islands more to go! πŸ™‚


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