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A Matthean for life♥

Lemme give you a background on what my high school life was. Just a bit info, y’know.

When I was a freshman, I got into an academic scholarship program of my university. I was in St. John, the highest section in the high school department. And I was so damn proud of myself. But I got culture shock. Being a public school student when I was in elementary, though I was also part of the highest section then, I kinda got shy and scared to participate in school. I also struggled in my math subject giving me my first ever line of 7 grade! I was devastated! Having that grade made me lose my scholarship and I landed in the second section–St. Matthew.

And boy, I was glad I got that line of 7 because being a Matthean was the best experience of all in my entire high school life. I had the best section, the best classmates, and there I found my forever friends. ♥


When 4th year high school came, one of our classmates went to Alaska because her family had migrated there. Well, that was unexpected but not impossible given that we are all experiencing changes in our lives. So there, one classmate, buhbye.

But thanks to technology, the distance wasn’t a problem. Friendster was there! Then Facebook.


Two weeks ago, she and her husband came home for her birthday celebration and their anniversary party too. Yes, she got married there! Imagine our surprise when we’ve learned about that. Back here, she was the boyish type, a table tennis varsity player and I have never thought of her getting married at the age of 18! But yeah, she was so happy with her husband! They are both military officers in Alaska and still has no kids. 

We went to their party, me, Johanzen, Rizaly, and April. It was a night full of laughter! And we talked about matured things! HAHA!


(Notice my attire. Yes, this was the same day as our company’s OPEC-Family day in Fontana. No changing of attire!!! HAHA!)


My friend’s husband was so amused–we call each other Joh. Haha!

A week after, we met up again in Marquee, this time Arren, Marinella, and Alain joined us!


Catching up with friends who had been part of your growing up years is really a momentous event of our adult lives. It is warming to know that no matter how life had changed us, some things remain the same–our love for one another. 🙂

I love you my Matthew people! ‘Til the end of time. ♥

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