Life & Love, Semper Ad Meliora

A proud Tita and a Mother soon…I hope♥

Sorry, I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. I open my other Tumblr account ( everyday but all I do is stare at my dashboard and reblog things that I find interesting and amusing. This is because I want this new blog to be filled with positive vibes that’s happening in my life. For the past two weeks I had been struggling with a decision I needed to do. But thankfully, and not a surprise at all, God had provided me the best answers to my questions. Yes, I felt He talked to me indirectly.

Your will over mine.

My mantra on those days and which I am keeping for the rest of my days. I won’t be stubborn anymore. I will, from now on, give up everything to Him.


On a lighter note, nothing much had happened to me for the past days except for that week-long seminar that I had attended. This seminar is connected to the dilemma stated above. Anyways, it had been a pretty interesting week. I had learned so many new things. I won’t expound much on this but yeah, it’s pretty awesome to gain information that are way beyond your league and interest.

Anyway, we had a Family Day in our company and it was held last Saturday at Fontana. (I’ll post photos in another entry. Hope I’ll remember. Mehehe.)


Oh well, papel, on a more personal note, I had been so giddy when I saw this photo of my niece a while ago. My cousin posted this on her IG account. I suddenly miss my bunny big time!

Having her as my niece makes me want to fast forward to that day when I will be having my own kid. Yowowowwww. Hope I will be a mother!

But for now, I shall wait and find for the father of my future awesome child! 🙂

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