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Oh yes! Had a great day with my two bestest girl friends. A run down of what we did for the day:

-Lea and I met in Marquee
-Had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo! Minimum tolerance for Japanese food (How can we survive in Japan when we would visit Em once they’ve settled there? Big question mark!!)
-Took photos with my former Guess family! Congrats Sey! Mommy in 8mos!
-Sandals hunting!
-Visited our fave place on earth–bookstore!
-Went to SM Clark.
-Hooray! Found the sandals!
-Ate a new find—Ice Cream on Burquillos! ((;
-Had Body Scrub and Body Massage at Body and Sole, located in Balibago, Angeles City, in front of Casino Angeles. The best feeling!!!
-Met with Em at Mini Stop Baliba!
-Went to Gustav to chillax!
-Alde caught up with us.
-Ordered White pizza and frappes
-Talked about UC, Puerto Galera (em&i’s paranoia to water accidents and caves crashing down! Hihi), other out of town options
-and lastly, our heart to heart talk. I could barely take Em’s crying. /:
-went home to see Marteena. She is so sick. Can’t stand looking at her like that.

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