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Series of Birthday Celebrations

Last night after work, I went out with my girlfriends and besprens. See, I have many sets of friends and whenever I celebrate my birthday, there’s this tug-of-war feeling of whom I have to spend the special day with. Of course, family first, no questions asked. But after that…the dilemma begins.

Somehow I am more comfortable celebrating it with those people I have become closest with over the span of almost a decade. These people are my very best girl friends. The friends who know me and accept me at my worst and the best version of myself. My forever girls who love me as much as my family does.

And so I met with Lea, with her boyfriend Alde, and Erika at SM Clark. I consider 7 girls as my closest gal pals but only two were available. Blah, our scheds are so different from each other that’s why it’s so damn hard putting us all together in one place at the same time. Bummer, jobs! ‘Kidding! 😀


We decided to eat at Shakey’s because (1) I had not experienced dining in the said resto (yeah, I know, loser right?) (2) I am craving for carbonara and pizza!!! and (3) It’s the closest to our spot where we were waiting for Erika (lame, yeah. :D). And so, Shakey’s it is. We waited a bit for Rik while settling down to a cozy seat and debated on what to order. When Rik arrived, we went for pizza (of course, what else?) and pasta.


A surprise gift from my missy! Yeyyyy! Solved na ang problemang baka walang matanggap on Vday. Oha, advance pa! :)))image

We talked about so many things. And my lack of a boyfriend (yeah, a favorite topic. But as always, it’s really fun and happy to be with them. I just so love them so much.

Here’s a photo of us we took as we braved the famous Walking Street! (also popularly known as Fields in Balibago which is quite famous with our foreign friends, mehehe.)


After meeting up with them, Darcy made lambing to me to see him. From Tarlac, he went straight to Balibago then we went to Bruno & Diego. We only stayed for a few minutes and left when Luisa caught up with us. We fetched Mark then went straight to Bar W / Coffee en Tree. The place was so awesome and relaxing, swear!!! We didn’t have coffee, though. Haha! Drank a bottle of San Mig Light and chat the night away…(more like a gadget night out ’cause we’re busy with our iphones and iPad. Mehehe).


Went home around 1:30 AM. I’m so spoiled they took me home. Para safe! :)))


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