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All the single ladies!

Bitter. Yan, that’s the first thing that comes out when February starts and it’s two weeks away from the much-look-forward event of the month—-Valentine’s day!— from those people whose relationship status is, you got it right, SINGLE!

Actually, I had been celebrating the Vday alone for the past 23 years. Oh yes, baby, single for life ako! Hahaha! Which kinda made me numb na din about the hype.

But of course, there will be those moments na papaka-bitter and sad ka and whine, “Why am I alone on the most romantic day on the planet??”. And the question, “Anong gagawin ko sa day na yun? Nganga?”. Haha! Funny but yeah, deep rooted yan.


Did a mini pictorial. Self appreciation day! 🙂

Pero siyempre naman, di naman lahat ng Vdays I am not masaya. There were those 2 consecutive Vdays that I had double date: Jeph, April, Warren and I. And sa McDo lagi!! The candle light set up was kinda cool! Aminin niyo yan! :))

There were those Vdays din when we were in college that we spend being somewhat cupid because we had a Bazaar for our Marketing class and we sell Vday stuff—flowers, candies, chocolates, and the like. Those were the best! I remember, Mark gave me a cup full of chocolates then. :))


A White Rose and a Chocolate bar from Lea and Tine! I love you sooooo! 🙂

But as I grow older, or to be specific, now that I’m in my 20s, people around me are kinda getting worried about my relationship status already. My aunt sent me a text message yesterday which says: “Happy Valentine’s pretty! Sinong ka-date mo today?” And I was like, “None tita! Hahaha!” My father also called and expressed his worries to my grandmother that I maybe someday be a matandang dalaga. For heaven’s sake! -.-


Post birthday celebration

Buti na lang, the day didn’t become a total blank. Lea, Tine, Jone and I decided to surprise our friend, Em. It was her birthday the prior day and we want to celebrate it. But we were the ones who got surprised because she wasn’t home!!! We waited for hours and called every possible person she’s with but no sign of her! Her phone’s dead and we couldn’t contact her. Bummmm! We got worried but then when she texted her sister that she’s out alone and wants to be by herself, we gave up and went home after eating the cake and baked mac we bought. Mehehe.

I am so blessed to have them. To have friends who will make you feel that you are not alone. Even if they have their boyfriends, they made it to be our day, all of us! And that was the sweetest of all.


And so, if you are a single lady, don’t despair. There are different kinds of love that we ought to celebrate: God’s love, our family’s and of course our friends’! And that love from that special someone? Someday it will come. Soon. Very very soon. 🙂


Let’s wait. He is coming. 🙂

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