At this point of your life, could you really say that you had already done so much it’s fulfilling already?

23. How old are you? 23 years. Of existing, of occupying a space in this vast universe it will almost feel like you’re insignificant, untraceable, nonexistent, invalid.

Some at the age of 23, they already had made their first millions, some had their dreams came true, some had done so much in their lives. But what about you? What about…me?

Some got luck by their side. Some, destiny had moved faster. My story? It’s dragging.

Today marks my 23rd year of my space-given in this lifetime. Some of my years were worst than any you could ever have. Some, well, they were the best you could ever wish for. I have long forgotten how to be negative about life in general. That no matter how you fail, the ball is still rolling and you will bounce back.

And with that, with my faith in God and in myself, and in the destiny that was gifted on me, this I say: I will never give up.

I pray, Lord God, that you will be by my side as I go on with my adventure. Please, please, make me realize on which road to take. Let me see the path that I’m suppose to follow. Make me realize what I really have to be doing. And most of all, make me cling tightly onto Your hand and be my guide. As I start my 23rd year, please let the positivity of the world be upon me. I am taking a step forward.

Rest of the world, prepare for me!

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