Life & Love, Semper Ad Meliora

Be assured. Everything is in the plan.

Yes, I had actually posted that years ago, and I couldn’t remember why. Maybe I want to assure myself. Or simply, I want someone to read it and be inspired and assured as I would like myself to be.

I once asked a priest if every decision that we made came from God. And he answered that not all. Sometimes, we make decisions and that was us who decided for ourselves. But he said we must not despair because at the end of the day, every bad decision we made, He will make it right in the end.

Let’s admit it, we punish ourselves every time we feel that we had done the biggest mistake of our lives. But hey, isn’t everything fell on the right place after the storm?

So hurrah for choosing wrong. It was just another path we tried. But then, the destination is still the same.

With a big help from Him of course.

He knows the tracks very well.

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