Life & Love, Semper Ad Meliora

New World. New Outlook. New Disposition

Everything in my life had been turned upside down, shifted 180 degrees and nothing had prepared me for it.

I couldn’t write about the murky things I’ve gone through for the past months right now because there seems to be gates on that dam that prevent the water from rushing out. Pardon me for saying hazy thoughts about me but at this point, that is all me–blurred and non-receptive.

But I got tired of being in the dark that’s why I’m starting today by creating this new blog. I don’t want to dwell on being all too pessimist anymore. When bad things happen, I tend to crawl, hide, and take pity on myself.

I want to end that NOW.

Yes, only positive things will be welcomed.

I couldn’t let myself drive towards the deep. I am all too eager to come out.

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