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Girls’ Minds

Going out with friends will always be fun.

One day, my best friend Erika and I went to a mall. We walked around the building, window shopped, trying to figure out what we could buy when we already had the money–well, when she already had the money ’cause right now all I could afford are my fares, 50-peso value meals, and 20-peso load. (Enough of my financial deficiencies, I’m not harboring to cyber charity. ;p)

To continue, we went through shops, checked ourselves in the mirrors of the comfort rooms, while having a serious talk about…well, boys. Yes, it might be pretty petty for you but not for us, not at this moment. We badly need to talk about it. Apparently, we are going on the opposite side. She, talking about her present suitor and their would-be-future, and I, blabbing about my so-called unrequited love I had with this guy for the past 7 years (guess, sucks to be me sometimes huh?) and the past–all of those things we did together and wishing it would happen again.

My best friend has a serious issue with the religion of the guy she’ll next fall in love with. The first and only boyfriend she had is not a Catholic. They broke up because of a manifesto he got engaged into. Now, a manifesto, as I could understand, is an agreement with God wherein you’ll swear that you’ll not get into a relationship for such a period of time and devote yourself entirely to self-discovery and strengthening your bond with the Lord. So there, he signed one and wrote a letter to her explaining what he had to do. Then everything turned bad between them later. To tell you the truth, I don’t get it. I don’t get the idea of the manifesto thing. But one of my treasured guy friends, who is also friends with my friend’s ex, which happens to be my cousin, explained to me that the manifesto actually helps them individually and the relationship they had at the present time. I guess my friend just didn’t get lucky because the manifesto meant a permanent separation for them. But then it might be destiny…or God’s plan.

It was pretty bad for her. For the past 3 years, she didn’t allow other to get involved with her seriously like she had allowed her ex. She wasn’t ready, she’s scared. But eventually she learned to move on. Actually, she had realized, while we’re having conversation, how jerk her ex had been when they were together. He could not even get her a glass of water when she asked him to!

While strolling around the mall, I gave remarks on how a such specific spot had been memorable because of one guy. I’m speaking about the guy I was telling you about. Then I voiced out how I never got to be me when I’m around him. That I didn’t make him know me because I was being secretive and all. And she said that was very wrong indeed. Maybe I was trying to be mysterious and I want him to find it all out by himself. Well, guess,  it didn’t work out. Now I’m moping because of what we never had.

Now, my best friend has someone who’s like wooing her. They date and all. He spoils her a lot, indulging her whims. But she is still not ready and overly afraid because the guy is actually from another religion which is so strict on their doctrines. If someone from that religion fell in love with someone outside their beliefs, he might encourage her to join them. So with this, my best friend is over thinking things. And she’s fighting real hard. I told her just to enjoy the feeling, the attention…and eventually she’ll gonna figure out what to do next.

She also told me bluntly that the guy that I still think I love doesn’t love me and would never ever love me in return. I need that slap. Reality bites. But if truth be told, deep in my heart, we could still have a chance and my dream would come true in the end. Optimism or stupidity? Both, I think.

In all, that talk made me miss more days with my friends. Boy problems, among other things, are something that could never be left unspoken between us.

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